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today is the day you change your life
Elaine Harrison

About Elaine

Elaine is a business and life coach. She has worked with senior executives and top teams internationally. Her passion is helping people to discover who they really are, what they would really love to be doing, and encouraging them to uncover the wealth of inner resources they have to get them to wherever they wish to be.

“Heads of companies or housewives (actually both roles require great management and people skills), people are people and all share many of the same fears and aspirations. Everybody may have a different list of wants and a different vision for their ideal life – but everybody has the power to make the very most of what they do have and to change their life for the better.”


In the spring of 2006, following some life-changing events in her life (including the birth of her son), Elaine Harrison wrote in her journal:

‘I want to change my life, but don’t know what I want to do or where to start. I am going to write a plan for change, need to figure out what I want first, though can only think about what I don’t want right now. I guess that’s a good start point. What’s stopping me? What have I got to do? Got to be small easy steps – I am so tired. Maybe it could be the start of a book.’

Elaine wrote her plan for change and also launched herself into research, exploration and investigation into the world of the mind, change and transformation. The plan worked, for Elaine and many others, and is now available in her book: Today Is The Day You Change Your Life. It is now her plan to share her knowledge with anyone who, like her, has ever wished for their life to change in small or huge ways – starting right away.

With a successful background in publishing, management and coaching Elaine is now pooling all her skills – as well as continually seeking to expand and learn new ones – to help others identify their dreams and live them now.